Elisa Marx



Elisa Marx Reborn Doll Kit Lionel Buy OnlineBrand New Lionel Sculpt by Eliza Marx

Elisa Marx is one of the most popular and prolific sculpt artists in the world. She has been creating life like doll kits for more than a decade and her kits are used by professional reborn artists and hobbyists.  Reborn kits sculpted by Elisa include the following: Lionel, Edley, Ben, Yelina, Edley, Phyllis, Evangeline, Aurel, Lionel, Siri, Nanni, Aurelia, Greta, Hanni, Ben Loui, Sessil Rose, Marly-Jo, Madison, Lilith, Nolen-Joel, Tatjani, Joycie, Angelo and Colette, Franklin, NOriko, Enny. The newest kit, pictured above as a finished doll, is called Mailo.

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