Sylvia Jantzen



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Reborn Artist Sylvia Jantzen
Bo-Elle Toddler Sculpt & Tummy Plate by Adrie Stoete

Sylvia Jantzen, of Little Dreamland Nursery, is one of the most well known reborn artists in the world. She lives & creates life like baby dolls in Puppenatelier-ldlb, Germany and has been making doll since 2003. She has been honored with many awards and much international recognition for the high quality of her realism and the heart and soul that goes into each baby. Sylvia's reborn dolls have been acknowledged by the following reborn guilds; GERBA , CRIB , ERA ,D.A.D.E. , PROUD, STAR and HRBG. Check below for the current online store listings for the latest Little Dreamland baby doll creation available to buy.  If no dolls are displayed, check back later because, Little Dreamland Baby's is always creating a doll and he or she will be listed soon.

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