Ruth Annette

Ruth Annette

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Ruth Annette is a long standing master reborn artist AND a master sculpt artist as well. Her incredible reborn sculpts or kits are used by many professional reborn artists to create their life like baby dolls.  Ruth has been creating life like reborn babies since 2003. She is the owner of both Precious Dreams and Simply Reborn Limited, which offer her finished reborn baby dolls, reborn doll kits, reborning supplies and art classes.  She also teaches live reborning workshops on a regular basis.
There are over 20 Ruth Annette babies displayed in a doll museum in the Czech Republic and they have now dedicated a section solely for her OOAK and Reborn babies.
Ruth has also been honoured by being chosen to judge many Reborn and OOAK competitions over the years, including IDEX, Colliii and DD Awards, and she has been featured in many magazine and news paper articles, including having 2 front cover babies for Discover Dolls magazine.

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