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Reborn By Julia, Peaches & Cream Babies Nursery
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Julia is the reborn artist behind the infamous Peaches And Cream Babies Nursery baby dolls and has been a reborn artist since 2005.  She was born in Bristol, England but moved over to Australia at the age of 6. She now lives in Australia with her husband John and together they have 4 grown children and 4 grandchildren. Julia started reborning as a hobby to distract her from the untenable grief of losing her 25 year old son in a car accident in 2004. Peaches And Cream Babies Nursery is dedicated to her son Matthew, who had a beautiful peaches and cream complexion when he was a baby.  Along the way, many other people who were in the same situation contacted Julia, many people who just wanted to talk about their experience. Many of them are now reborn doll customers and have bought reborn babies to make the grieving process a little easier by allowing a huggable physical presence that represents, but never replaces, the lost child. According to Julia, the greatest reward of doing reborning has been to touch people's hearts on a very personal level. Check below in our online store listings for the latest release reborn baby dolls created by Peaches And Cream Babies.

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