Joyce Kustom Kraft



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Reborn Art by Joyce, Kustom Kraft Nursery
Mae Sculpt by Sandy Faber
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The very talented reborn artist behind the Kustom Kraft Nursery is Joyce, who works as a professional reborner from her studio in Illinois, US. She has been creating her beautiful life like baby dolls since 2003 and to date has 'adopted' out over 700 'babies'.  The wonderful eyes and peaches and cream complexions on Joyce's babies are extraordinary. She now creates reborn dolls full time and also will do custom orders.

Joyce's latest babies are a baby girl named Dani, from the Dani sculpt by Jannie De Lange and also a new Asian baby girl named Liana from the new Liana Asian sculpt by Sandy Faber. Scroll Down or Click the photo above to see all the currently available baby dolls from Kustom Kraft Nursery.

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