Hollmann Hollis Little Chicks Reborn


Little Chicks Reborn

Little Chicks Reborn Dolls by Hollmann Hollis Buy OnlineBaby Girl Doll Zinny by Hollmann Hollis
  Zinny Sculpt by Marita Winters
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Hollmann Hollis has been a professional artist in the fields of photography & fine art for 30 years. She has been a reborning life like baby dolls as "Little Chicks" since the spring of 2011. You can certainly see the artistic professionalism in the beautiful realistic babies that Hollmann creates, but there is also so much heart behind the work; her satisfaction as an artist is at it's highest when she has been able to create a healing baby doll for a parent who has lost their child. This requires a very special kind of artist to be connected by the heart this way. Check below to view any currently listed for sale Little Chick reborn baby dolls by Hollmann Hollis.

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