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Reborn Dolls by Elizabeth Townsley

OOAK Sculpted Art Baby Dolls by Elizabeth Townsley - Bye Bye Babies - Buy OnlineTiny Mini Baby Sculpted by Elizabeth Townsley

Bye Bye Babies is the name of Elizabeth Townsley's OOAK Sculpted Art Doll Nursery.  Her incredibly detailed mini baby and baby doll sculpts are so real looking they are magical. Elizabeth has been a sculpt artist for several years and has recently created a toddler reborn sculpt named Brooklyn.  She creates life like baby dolls of all sizes using polymer clay heads, arms & legs sewn into soft cloth bodies. When you see one of her tiny mini babies, they will melt your heart. Elizabeth is currently working on the next series of resin dolls, one of which is just 6 inches!  The extraordinary talent it takes to create the absolute detailed realism in a baby so small is rare and wonderful.  I have noticed that all of the baby dolls sculpted at Bye Bye Nursery sell quite quickly, so if you do find one listed below in our online store display, don't miss out.  Below the store listings, you will find Elizabeth's Video Slide show of many of her creations.

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Watch Elizabeth Townsley's YouTube Video of Her Sculpted Mini Babies Below.