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Reborn Dolls by Artist Eileen Nicholas

Reborn Baby Doll by Eileen Nicholas - Gifts From The Heart Nursery Buy OnlineTruly Life Like Baby Girl Doll
Reborn Art by Eileen Nicholas
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Victoria Sculpt by Olga Auer

Eileen Nicholas has been a passionate reborn artist since 2007.  After studying art and painting for years, she transitioned to reborning life like baby dolls .  Eileen has won many "Baby of the Month" awards as well as awards from PRAISE in 2009. Most recently, in December 2011, Gifts From The Heart Nursery was chosen for another IRDA award for Baby of the Month.  The artistry of3 dimensional realism is a very tricky thing, but the artistic background of Eileen has obviously given her a very special talent and skill. Eileen's baby dolls are flawless. If you look closely at the faces, eyes, lips, arms, legs, fingers and toes of her babies, you will never come to a place where the paint is too shiny, the features too perfect or the color not real;  they are all realistically blushed and mottled. Eileen's dolls are all beautifully created with the passion of a very talented artist.  Please Scroll Down to view all the currently available baby dolls by Eileen in our online store display below.

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