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Dream Baby Rebon Dolls by Crysta lBuy OnlineReborn Baby Girl Suzie
From Suze Sculpt by Adrie Stoete
By Crystal of Dream Baby Nursery
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Crystal, the reborn artist at  Dream Baby Nursery, began her career as a creator of life like baby dolls in February of 2002, with her quest for the "perfect baby doll" for her daughter's first birthday.  She found lots of lovely dolls, but none that actually looked like a real baby.  In her search, she came across "reborn" dolls on Ebay and was amazed by the quality and realism that the reborn artists were able to achieve. Crystal wanted to have a doll that resembled her daughter as a newborn, but none of the reborn babies of that time looked like her. She decided to attempt to make a portrait baby doll of her daughter herself and has been creating reborn dolls ever since.  Dream Baby Nursery is located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and Crystal's reborn dolls are adopted by baby doll lovers around the world.
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