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Reborn Artist Brenda Claeson

Reborn Doll by Brenda, Brenda's Little Angels Buy OnlineBaby Girl Doll Annika With Wavy Blonde Hair
By Professional Reborn Artist Brenda Claeson
Brenda's Little Angels

Brenda Claeson has been a reborn artists since 2001 and her beautiful dolls are adopted by collectors and doll lovers from all over the world. Her dolls seem to all have exceptionally lovely faces and their hair is beautifully micro rooted, often with real human hair.  From her studio in Rhode Island, US, Brenda creates life like toddlers and newborns alike and many of her beautiful babies have been selected for the "Top Ten Reborn Dolls of the Week".  Brenda's Little Angels is well known on ebay under the seller name zoe-c.

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