Reborn Doll Artists

Professional Reborn Artists

Reborn Artists are listed below in alphabetical order by First Name; click on the artist name and the store page for that artist will open up displaying all the currently available for adoption reborn babies by the artist as well as descriptions, reviews and information about each artist.

The reborn artists who create todays life like realistic baby dolls are a highly skilled group who number only in the hundreds worldwide. Reborning is a very specialized photo realistic, three dimensional art form that requires multiple art disciplines: transparent paint layering to create 3 dimensional skin effects, ultra micro rooting techniques to create real looking baby hair, eyelash rooting and eye insertion, and to give the baby doll body, head & limbs that real baby feel, the artist carefully inserts pouches of baby fat, glass beads & soft fiber fillings into the cloth or doe suede doll body, limbs and head.

Following is a list of the top reborn doll artists in the world with links to their current offered for sale online reborn dolls store listings where you can see what each artists finished dolls look like and also where you can buy or place a bid on the dolls you would like to have in your baby doll collection.


ALPHABETICAL BY FIRST NAME  Julia, Peaches and Cream Babies
 Amanda Young, Bespoke Babies Kerstin Foppe, Puppen & Palmen
 A. Taylor-Hughes, Alexandra's Babies Hollmann Hollis, Little Chicks
 Beverly, Beverly's Inspired Creations  Laud Adonay, Dove's Nursery
 Brandy Beayon, Full Moon Babies  Lilia Ziem,  Lilia's Baby Nursery
 Brenda Claeson Brenda's Little Angels  Linda Burt, Lill B'ees
 Carine Devriese, Carine Reborns  Lynn Katsaris, Pumpkin Patch
 Cassie Peek, Babydust Nursery  Maria Grover, Bitsy Bundles
 Crystal, Dream Baby Nursery  Melissa George, Bundles of Love
 Eileen Nicholas, Gifts From The Heart  Mimadolls, Precious Babies Nursery
 Elizabeth Townsley, Bye Bye Babies  Queen's Crib Nursery
 Gina Tobin, Heaven's Breath Nursery  Rhonda Arnold - Bella Bambino
 Ginny Westley, Loving Touch Nursery  Ruth Annette, Precious Dreams
 Helen Jalland, Tinkerbell Nursery  Sandra Laville Jensen, Pebebe
 Jacalyn R. Cassidy, Twinkletoe  Selena Saxton of S'Real Nursery
 J. Campbell, Grama's Forever Babies  Sharon Bergstein, Momma B's
 Joanne Donovan, Lullaby Lake  Steph. Lefevbre, Paradis Boutchoux
 Jorja Pigottt, Pigotts Playpen  Susan Van Orman, Lullaby Lane
 Joyce, Kustom Kraft Nursery  Sylvia Jantzen, Little Dreamland
 Judy Burrell, Baby Kisses Nursery  Yoland Gomez, Blossom Baby

COMING SOON Many more reborn artists store pages are still to come as new reborn artists are developing every month, being guided and mentored by the veteran reborners.  The community of reborn artists is cooperative and supportive, both with each other and their customers, so this attitude results in the growth of this 3D photo realistic, life like art form.

ATTENTION REBORN DOLL ARTISTS If you  are a reborn doll artist whose baby dolls are listed on ebay and you would like to be included in this list please contact us with your Name, Nursery Name & details that you would like included on your store page.  There is no charge for this. Welcome All to The Reborn Baby Doll Shop