Sculpt Artist Kits

REBORN DOLL SCULPT ARTISTS ┬áREBORN DOLL KITS Sculpt Artists are the creators of the sculpted reborn dolls head, face, arms, legs and even tushie, belly and tummy plates. These vinyl kits that are “reborned” into life like baby dolls called reborn dolls are first carved and sculpted out of FIMO or other polymer clay products. … Continue reading “Sculpt Artist Kits”

Asian Reborns

Asian Reborn Baby Dolls Online Store Every year, there are more and more realistic life like Asian baby dolls being created as reborn babies. There are now numerous wonderful Asian reborn sculpts & reborn kits to choose from including the latest new release Asian sculpt called Mae by Sandy Faber as well as many others: … Continue reading “Asian Reborns”